Hosting Add-Ons

Please phone or contact our Sales Department for further information on any of our Hosting Add-Ons.


Executive Web Hosting allows the use of the OpenSSH Protocol (using Jailed Shell) on our servers for a one-time activation fee of $15.00.

SSH makes it easier for some users to develop and debug their files with text editors like vim or nano.

Private SSL

Executive Web Hosting will install a private SSL certificate you may already have for a one-time fee of $15.00. Private SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address at $3.00 per month.

Private SSL acts as a secure layer between your visitors and your web site. It will encrypt information such as credit cards and passwords which will give your visitors the confidence to make purchases on your web site. Web sites that are e-commerce based are generally required to have a Private SSL Certificate to accept credit cards.

Dedicated IP

Executive Web Hosting offers dedicated IPs for $3.00 per month.

A dedicated IP gives your hosting account it's own unique static dedicated IP address and is required if your site intends to have private SSL.