Why Choose Us?

What Makes Us Different?

It's not hard to see how we're different from our competition. We apply Christian ethics and old-fashioned principles to our business practices. That is hard to find in any business today, especially in an online business model where being impersonal is the norm. We find it ironic that businesslike is a synonym for impersonal. To us, business is personal.

For us, it's not about numbers. It's not even about money. It's about people. We think the people we help and the friends we make are more important then the money we make. Yes, we need to make a living, but we don't see our ideas and business as incompatible. We think the opposite.

That's why we try to get to know our customers and want them to get to know us. We want our customers to become our friends. It's as simple as that.

We take the time to get to know you if you let us. We know many of our customers by name - and their spouses and children's names in a lot of cases. We feel that if you're going to give us your hard-earned money, we should at least be able to put a name to your face. We're genuinely happy to see and hear from you.

We feel blessed that many of our customers consider us their friends also. We've had customers call us at home and ask us to pray for sick members of their family. We gladly dropped to our knees and did so. We absolutely love going to Wal-Mart, a local restaurant, or an event and having our customers greet us by name like old friends!

Many people know very little about web sites and web hosting. We don't think they should feel like they're at our mercy. We want them to know they can trust us with their online presence. We want them to feel like they're getting their money's worth, and then some. We feel that good service isn't getting what you paid for, but more! We feel good stewardship equates to great service and loyal customers.

We don't have a million plus customers like some of our competition. We don't even have thousands of customers. We probably never will. Being a small company allows us to be flexible. If you need a setting changed or something installed for your script to work we'll do our utmost to change or install it for you.

Is money a little tight this month? Well, we can work something out. We want you as a customer so we'll see what we can do to help. We're also open about our charges, simply because there aren't any! There are no late payment fees, no hidden charges for using a certain payment type, no reactivation fee, no administration fees - once you've paid the amount on our web site then that's it!

Being a smaller company also allows us to offer you great support. We're staffed by people who have knowledge of our services. We don't read from scripts like robots. Whether we're answering a call or support ticket, or chatting with you live you will be speaking with a hosting expert actually employed by Executive Web Hosting. You'll be talking to a person who has direct access to all our systems and the ability to make intelligent decisions to help you. No scripts - just staff who know our systems inside-out.

We know that some of our customers would rather be left alone to conduct their business through our web site. Not a problem. You will find we offer competitive prices, excellent customer service, fast support response times, and exceptional reliability to all our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with all the tools and advanced features needed to create great web sites.

If it turns out we're not for you then you can always have your money back within the first 30 days. We offer a no hassle 30-day money-back guarantee and 99.5% guaranteed uptime. There's no risk if you decide to cancel your account later. We've all heard the phrase "no questions asked." We won't say that because we're going to ask. We truly care about you and your business if you have one. We want to know what you think about us and the job we're doing or not doing for you. We want to do our best for you now and to improve upon our best in the future.

We're thankful we have the opportunity to make a living helping our customers succeed online. You could choose a company that only cares about your money, or you could choose us, and become one of our valued and satisfied customers - and maybe even our friend.